Patri Friedman

I'll be launching a new website and blog in the waning days of 2017. For now, most of my activity is on social networks such as:

You may also be interested in the seasteading book that Joe Quirk & I released this Spring:

My life in San Jose, California is centered around my children Tovar and Iselle, my amazing fiancée Brit Benjamin, my job at Google, my venture fund Zarco Investment Group, and my work at The Seasteading Institute, a small non-profit whose mission is "To establish permanent, autonomous ocean communities to enable experimentation and innovation with diverse social, political, and legal systems". Please consider joining TSI and helping us increase competition in government.

Most people come across me via my views on politics, which are described in some of these essays, talks, and papers::

Some other projects:

If you need to correspond with me, I can be reached for personal things as patrissimo-at-gmail-dot-com and for work things as patri-at-seasteading-dot-org. Everything addressed to me gets at least a skim within a day or two, and I fully read most of it, but I unfortunately often don't have the time to respond to it quickly, at length, or sometimes at all. If you promise not to take it personally, I'll promise to use my time to do awesome things :) . (Here's a good piece on the philosophy behind this.)